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Star Wars Timeline

The key art from the new Star Wars anthology series Tales of the Empire on Disney+ (Disney / Lucasfilm)

When Does Tales of the Empire Take Place?

Tales of the Empire, Season two of the Star Wars: Tales anthology series, takes place between 20 BBY and 9 ABY. This season focuses on Morgan Elsbeth and Barriss Offee, with each episode taking place at a different point on the Star Wars timeline.

Cover art for the 1991 novel Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn. Although now considered part of the Legends timeline, it is considered the first important entry in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. (Disney / Lucasfilm)

What Is the Difference Between Star Wars Legends and Canon?

What are Star Wars Legends? Understanding the difference between Legends and Star Wars canon is a complex and confusing topic. Dive into the complex world of the Star Wars universe and learn why the Expanded Universe was rebranded Legends We demystify the two distinct continuities and explore the major differences and similarities between them.

The Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi title card from (Disney / Lucasfilm)

When Does Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi Take Place?

Set during the Prequel era, the 2022 animated anthology show Tales of the Jedi spans 40 years of Star Wars history. It expands the backstory of both Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku. Since the episodes are slightly out of order, here is when each episode takes place and how to watch them all in order.

Andor series title card from (Disney / Lucasfilm)

When Does Andor Take Place in the Star Wars Timeline?

The new Disney+ Star Wars series Andor takes place in 5 BBY, five years before Rogue One. A prequel to the film, the series focuses on Cassian Andor during his early days with the Rebellion. Here is where Andor fits in the Star Wars timeline, plus what you need to know before you start watching.