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What Is Black Spire Day and When Do You Celebrate It? (Updated for 2023)

Black Spire Day is the in-universe holiday for the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land at the Disney Parks. One of the few holidays we know about in the Star Wars Universe, it celebrates the day Black Spire Outpost was founded. Most Disney Parks fans know Black Spire Outpost as Galaxy’s Edge or, perhaps, Batuu. From the history and lore of Black Spire Outpost to when to celebrate, this is everything you need to know about what Black Spire Day is.

What Is Black Spire Day?

Black Spire Day is the celebration of the day that Black Spire Outpost was founded. Historically, Batuuans celebrated by hanging colorful tarps and ribbons and holding parades and feasts. Occasionally, there were fireworks.

Little is known about the history of Black Spire Outpost, but it was founded sometime before the invention of hyperspace. According to the history of Batuu, Ariana Surabat founded the planet. The Surabat River Valley on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost is named after her.

Prior to it becoming a popular stop for pilots traveling into wild space, the surface of the planet was covered in giant trees. The trees were petrified at some point, creating tall black spires that give the outpost settlement its name.

After the invention of hyperspace, Batuu and Black Spire Outpost became a less popular stop for travelers. By the time of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, it had become an out-of-the-way planet for those not wanting to be found.

Members of the Resistance against the First Order, including Rey, Chewbacca, and Vi Moradi, used Black Spire Outpost as a secret base in 34 ABY. However, the First Order arrived soon afterward to investigate rebel activity.

Former pirate and smuggler Hondo Ohnaka operated a supposedly legitimate transportation company based in Black Spire. With a loose agreement with Chewbacca, Hondo used the Millennium Falcon in exchange for helping the Resistance.

Around the same time, the Chandrila Star Line operated luxury cruises in the region, with travelers visiting Black Spire Outpost on their expeditions.

When Is Black Spire Day?

We do not know when Black Spire Day is in the Star Wars Universe because we do not know the days or months that make up the galactic calendar. However, it commemorates the day that Ariana Surabat founded the outpost.

In our universe, Disney has celebrated Black Spire Day on May 4th since at least 2022. The day also coincides with the real-world Star Wars holiday May the Fourth, a pun on the popular Jedi phrase, “May the Force be with you.” May the Fourth is also known as Star Wars Day.

Disney released “Black Spire Day” items as part of the May the Fourth merchandise collection in both 2022 and 2023. The 2022 collection included a green tee shirt with the icons of the main locations within Galaxy’s Edge. The 2023 collection included a brown tee shirt with the Millennium Falcon flying over Black Spire Outpost on the back.

The 2022 Black Spire Day and May the Fourth food specials at Disneyland in California included Ishi Tib-style Pasta with Braised Beef Bantha, Blue Milk with Mon Cala Swirl, and the Five-blossom Bread, among others. Disneyland’s 2023 food specials included Temple Rootleaf and Moss Salad with Seasoned Gwayo Egg, Surabat Valley sweet kettle corn mix, Tenoo Swirl Crunchies Cereal, and more.

Prior to 2022, some fans celebrated Black Spire Day on the anniversary of Galaxy’s Edge. But since the lands opened on different days in California and Florida, fans celebrated it on different days depending on the park. This could also explain why Disney chose to celebrate on May 4th.

Still, some fans continue to celebrate Black Spire Day on the anniversary of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Galaxy’s Edge opened at Disneyland Resort in California on May 31, 2019, and on August 29, 2019, at Walt Disney World in Florida.

How Do You Celebrate Black Spire Day?

As with most Star Wars holidays, there is no official way to celebrate this holiday. Unfortunately, Black Spire Day celebrations are often overshadowed by May the Fourth. Still, many fans celebrate by visiting Batuu and wishing friends and locals a happy Black Spire Day.

According to the in-universe lore of the holiday, Batuuans celebrated by hanging colorful banners and ribbons. They also hold feasts and parades. That said, there are no parades or other special events in the park to honor the day.

Disneyland Park usually has special food and beverage offerings during May. However, Disney World has fewer specials, focusing mostly on the merchandise.

Fan groups often hold meetups on Batuu where they can hang out, enjoy a delicious beverage, and ride the attractions together. They also usually do group photos, either at one of the PhotoPass locations or off the iconic spots in the Star Wars land.

Our group, the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Discord, usually hosts lightsaber meetups on or around May 4th and August 29th at Walt Disney World in Florida. For the last few years, special hard-ticket events in May have made it difficult to host lightsaber meetups at Disneyland in California on May 4th or May 31st.

We hosted a May the Fourth lightsaber meetup at Disney World in Florida on May 4, 2023. A Batuu East Anniversary lightsaber meetup is planned for Saturday, August 26th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Our lightsaber meetups are completely free but do require valid admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Tips for Celebrating in the Disney Parks

If you spend Black Spire Day in Galaxy’s Edge, here are some tips to make the experience fun and exciting.

  • Dress Up: Wear your finest Batuu Bound. While you don’t have to go all out like Lando Calrissian, consider wearing something a little more special than your average smuggler or bounty hunter bound.
  • Wear Festive Ribbons: Whether you are Batuu Bounding or wearing your favorite Star Wars or Galaxy’s Edge apparel, add a brightly colored ribbon for a festive look. Lucasfilm lore does not give specifics about the color of ribbons, so you can wear any color you choose. You may want to take inspiration from the highlights on the spires and use coppery orange and green jewel tones.
  • Share a Drink With Friends: Another way to celebrate is with a tasty beverage. From a refreshing drink at the Milk Stand to any of the specialty concoctions at Oga’s Cantina, raise a glass and toast Ariana Surabat with friends and family.
  • Unlock Chewbacca Mode: Gather up some friends and give Chewbacca mode a try on Smuggler’s Run. Your crew needs to be fast when you board the Falcon, but the right sequence of switches and buttons will unlock Cheebacca mode. In this rare easter egg, Chewbacca replaces Hondo Ohnaka on your mission.
  • Share or Trade Swag: Share some swag with the local Batuuans and other guests. Fans occasionally give away store-bought trinkets, hand-crafted items, or custom-made buttons or stickers. While completely optional, this is a great way to make new friends. It’s also an easy way to promote your artwork or Etsy store. Sharing or trading swag is especially popular at fan meetups like lightsaber meetups. That said, we strongly caution you against selling your items in the parks. Disney can and will ask you to leave.

Can You Celebrate Black Spire Day at Home?

If you cannot make it to Galaxy’s Edge on Black Spire Day, you can always celebrate at home.  Here are some great ways to enjoy the day without needing to travel to the Disney Parks.

  • Make Galaxy’s Edge-inspired meals like a Ronto Wrap or Endorian Tip Yip.
  • Craft your own cocktails or mocktails themed after Oga’s Cantina or the Milk Stand.
  • Share memories from your last visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on social media with the hashtag #BlackSpireDay
  • Read a Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge novel or comic book.
  • Create or share fan art or stories about Black Spire Outpost
  • Watch the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures episodes about Galaxy’s Edge.