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How To Unlock Chewie Mode on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Smugglers Run is a fast-paced attraction that allows you to fly the legendary Millennium Falcon on a special mission for the pirate-turned-legitimate business being Hondo Ohnaka. But did you know you can unlock a secret ride mode where Chewie comes on the mission with you? You need to be fast to unlock Chewbacca mode, but everyone’s favorite Wookiee copilot replaces Hondo for your entire mission. Here are the steps you need to take to turn on the Chewbacca Mode Easter egg on Smugglers Run. Just make sure to brush up on your Shyriiwook before you lift off because Chewie doesn’t speak Galactic Basic.

What Is Chewbacca Mode on Smugglers Run

Chewbacca mode is a secret Easter egg that the Imagineers included in Smugglers Run. Normally, Hondo Ohnaka joins you on your mission. The pirate guides you along your journey with helpful hints and tips.

However, there is a secret Smugglers Run hack that allows you to fly the mission with Chewbacca instead of Hondo. With Chewie mode switched on, Chewbacca offers the same tips and tricks as Hondo. The problem is, he only speaks the Wookiee language of Shyriiwook.

So unless you speak Wookiee, unlocking Chewbacca mode can make the Smugglers Run ride experience more challenging. Your crew has to fly the Falcon and complete your mission for Hondo and the Resistance all on your own.

You can turn on this secret mode for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World.

How Do You Unlock Chewie Mode on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

The key to unlocking Chewbacca’s secret ride mode is to be quick. It’s not difficult, but it does require all six members of the flight crew to have precision timing.

And whatever you do – DO NOT hit the activate button when you first sit down. If anyone hits the activate button without following the steps below, your chance of getting Chewie is over!

Here are the steps to switching Smugglers Run into Chewie mode:

  1. Sit down and buckle up quickly.
  2. Left pilot, move and hold your flight stick to the extreme left or right position, then press the flashing activate button.
  3. Right pilot, move and hold your flight stick to the extreme up or down position, then press the flashing activate button.
  4. Gunners and Engineers, press and hold one of the white buttons around the small display screen, then press the flashing activate button.
  5. Complete the activation steps before the crew member checks your safety belts.

Holding the flight sticks in the extreme position or pressing a white button will trigger the alternate ride mode. This acts as a sort of shift key or a video game cheat code that switches from the normal mode with Hondo Ohnaka to the mode where you fly with Chewbacca.

While you do not need to press activate at the same, every member of the crew needs to press and hold their button while pressing their orange activation button.

These steps are pretty simple, but you only have a few seconds to complete your Chewbacca mode setup. Once the crew member checks your seatbelts and leaves the cockpit, it’s too late.

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What Buttons Do You Press to Unlock Chewie’s Secret Flight Mode on Smugglers Run?

The buttons you need to press to turn on the secret Chewbacca settings on Smugglers Run depend on your flight position. Like old video game cheat codes, all six crew members need to activate the right button in order for it to work.

Starting from the pilots in front and working back to the gunners and engineers, here are the locations of the buttons you need to use.

  • Left Pilot Position: The left pilot flight stick is immediately in front of you on the cockpit console. Hold the flight stick completely in one direction while pressing the flashing orange activate button. The left pilot flight stick is highlighted in red.
  • Right Pilot Position: You will find the right pilot flight stick directly in front of you once you sit down. Hold the flight stick in either the up or down position and press the flashing activation button at the same time. The flight stick for the right pilot is highlighted in purple.
  • Gunner Positions: You have an option of seven different buttons around a small score screen on the control panel. The screen is at approximately eye level with three white buttons on the left side and four underneath. Press and hold any of the buttons, then hit the flashing orange button to activate your position. The left gunner position is highlighted in orange, and the right gunner is in teal.
  • Engineer Position: Engineers have eight buttons to choose from. Find the control screen on the panel at eye level. It will have four buttons above and four below the screen. Choose a button, then press and hold it down while you hit the orange flashing activation button. The left engineer position is in yellow, and the right is highlighted in green.

Tips for Getting Chewbacca Mode Every Time

Getting Chewie mode every time really isn’t that hard as long as you remain calm and plan appropriately. Here are some tips to make sure you switch on the mode every time.

  • You need six people to activate the secret Chewie settings on Smuggler Run. You can occasionally do it with people you do not know, but it’s helpful to go in knowing everyone is ready and willing to fly with Chewbacca.
  • Be ready as soon as you get to the briefing room aboard the Millennium Falcon. Put phones, sunglasses, and other cargo in a pocket or bag.
  • Hold your bag in your hand as you enter the cockpit so you can place it at your feet as you sit down. Alternatively, leave your cargo with a friend or family member who isn’t riding Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.
  • If you are in the Gunner or Engineer position, locate the white buttons around the display screen as you step into the cockpit.
  • Buckle your seatbelt immediately. Start pulling the belt out before you even sit down if you can.
  • As soon as you buckle your safety belt, complete the step outlined above based on your position in the flight crew.

It might take a little practice, but you can turn on Chewie mode any time you want with the right preparation.

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