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In a promotional photo for The Last Jedi update of Star Tours, a StarSpeeder 1000 flies over ski speeders speeding along the salt flats on the surface of Crait. (Disney / Lucasfilm)

How Many Star Tours Combinations Are There?

With 23 unique segments in 4 distinct story sequences, there are 140 unique combinations in Star Tours right now. From the earliest days of the original Star Tours attraction to The Rise of Skywalker updates, we explore the history of the segments and explore the combinations you can experience.

In a promotional photo for the Star Tours The Rise of Skywalker update, a StarSpeeder 1000 flies over the ocean moon of Kef Bir with a destroyed piece of the second Death Star in the background. (Disney / Lucasfilm)

What Is Star Tours? Learn the History of the First Star Wars Attraction

Star Tours is the original collaboration between George Lucas and the Disney Imagineers. From the original version to the updated Star Tours – The Adventures Continue and the sequel additions, we cover the basics of what Star Tours is and look at the most important details about the attraction’s history.