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Who Is Barriss Offee in Tales of the Empire?

Not sure who Barris is in the new Disney+ series Tales of the Empire? Depicted as a fallen Jedi turned Inquisitor, she appeared in several The Clone Wars episodes that set up her backstory within the Jedi Order. Here is everything you need to know about the origins of former Jedi Knight Barriss Offee.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for The Clone Wars, Tales of the Empire, and Barriss Offee’s character. Please proceed with caution or skip ahead to our spoiler-free list of The Clone Wars episodes where Barriss appears.

Who is Barriss Offee in Star Wars?

A Mirialan female, Barriss Offee is Jedi Master Luminara Unduli’s Padawan learner. During the Secessionist Movement, Barriss attended a meeting between the Jedi and Chancellor Palpatine. Barriss was then one of the Jedi sent to rescue Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padmé.

She later served alongside Master Unduli during the Clone War. Pair with Padawan Ahsoka Tano, Barriss attempted to infiltrate and destroy a droid factory. The pair were nearly killed during the mission, forming a close bond.

Shortly afterward, she was infected with a mind-controlling worm, turning against Ahsoka. However, Ahsoka was able to free her from the worm’s control and save her life.

Sometime afterward, she passed her trials and became a Jedi Knight. Near the end of the Clone War, Barriss began to see the Jedi Order as the villains of the conflict.

Feeling they had turned to the dark side, she took matters into her own hands and planned a bombing at the Jedi Temple. However, the Jedi and the Republic suspected Ahsoka of planning the attack.

Pretending to help clear her name, Barriss turned against Ahsoka. Anakin eventually uncovered the truth, and the Republic took her into custody. By the time of Order 66, Barriss was serving a life sentence in a Republic prison.

Lyn Rakish, a former Jedi turned Inquisitor, then frees Barriss. She goes on to become an Inquisitor herself, serving on Darth Vader. She soon questions her allegiances, eventually leaving the Inquisitorius.

Years later, she works as a healer. Barriss is seemingly aligned with the Hidden Path, a group that helps former Jedi and Force-sensitives escape Imperial persecution.

The Fourth Sister, Lyn Rakish, advancing on Barriss Offee in Tales of the Empire (Disney / Lucasfilm)
Disney / Lucasfilm

The Real World History of Barriss Star Wars

Barriss first appears in the now-Legends novel The Approaching Storm by Alan Dean Foster. Released on January 29, 2002, about four months before Episode II. Although not named in the film, Nalini Krishan plays her in Attack of the Clones.

Voiced by Meredith Salenger, Barriss then appeared in a total of 12 episodes of The Clone Wars. Giancarlo Volpe, the director of Offee’s first episode in the series, wanted Ahsoka and Barriss to develop a romantic relationship.

Barriss was originally supposed to die in Season Five of The Clone Wars. However, Dave Filoni cut the scene because he had other plans for the character.

The character later appeared in three episodes of Tales of the Empire, the second season of the Star Wars: Tales anthology show. Presumably, these stories fit with Filoni’s original plans.

The Essential Episode Guide for Barriss Offee in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Although not a major character in the series, Barris Offee plays an important role in several episodes. Here are the four essential The Clone Wars episodes to watch about Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee.

Barriss Offee defends herself against the Geonosian battle droids in The Clone Wars episode "Weapons Factory" (Disney / Lucasfilm)
Disney / Lucasfilm

“Weapons Factory” (Season Two, Episode 6)

Barriss’ first appearance in The Clone Wars is when she is paired with Ahsoka Tano and tasked with destroying a droid factory on Geonosis.

Despite being older, Barriss is a very by-the-book Jedi. When things don’t go as planned, it’s up to Ahsoka to come up with a plan.

The two Padawans risk their lives for the mission, ultimately getting trapped. While Barriss accepts her fate, Ahsoka finds a way to contact Anakin.

The episode establishes a bond between Ahsoka and Barriss based on their shared trauma. This becomes increasingly important throughout Barriss’ appearances in the series.

“Weapons Factory” is the third episode in the five-episode arc Return to Geonosis. Since every The Clone Wars includes a recap, you do not need to see the first two episodes to understand the story.

Possessed by a brain worm, Barriss Offee attacks Ahsoka Tano in The Clone Wars episode "Brain Invaders" (Disney / Lucasfilm)
Disney / Lucasfilm

“Brain Invaders” (Season Two, Episode 8)

Barriss and Ahsoka are on a mission to deliver medical supplies to Jedi Master Mace Windu on Dantooine. However, one of the clone troopers is infected with a mind-controlling worm that makes them extremely hostile.

As the worms spread throughout the crew, the two Padawans have to figure out what is going on and how to stop it. Eventually infected by the worms, Barriss attacks Ahsoka.

Ahsoka then must save her friend while staying alive. The episode deepens the trauma bond between them.

“Brain Invaders” is the final episode of the Return to Geonosis arc. Barriss appears briefly in the preceding episode, “Legacy of Terror.”

Although it provides a little context, it is not essential to understanding Barris Offee’s character. That episode primarily focuses on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luminara Unduli.

Barriss Offee communicates with Ahsoka Tano in The Clone Wars episode "To Catch A Jedi" (Disney / Lucasfilm)
Disney / Lucasfilm

“To Catch a Jedi” (Season Five, Episode 19)

Framed for a deadly bombing at the Jedi Temple, Ahsoka finds herself on the run and trying to clear her name. Hunted by the Jedi, she turns to Barriss for help and forms an unlikely alliance with Asajj Ventress.

Barriss tells Ahsoka to investigate an abandoned warehouse that might have been used to create the bomb. Ashoka convinces Asajj to help get her there safely in exchange for a pardon.

Once they arrive, Asajj goes off on her own only to be attacked by a mysterious figure. The figure steals Ventress’ distinctive helmet and lightsabers.

Pretending to be Asajj, they attack Ahsoka. Ahsoka fends them off, eventually finding a clue about the bombing. However, she is captured by the Jedi, and the mysterious figure disappears.

“To Catch a Jedi” is the third episode of the four-episode arc Rogue Jedi. While these episodes establish the overall story, the recap at the beginning of this episode provides all the necessary details.

The first episode, “Sabotage,” follows the investigation around the bombing, but Barriss only briefly appears in a nonspeaking role. Barriss has a speaking role in the second episode, “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much,” but it mostly focuses on Ahsoka.

Barriss Offee and Anakin Skywalker dueling in The Clone Wars episode "The Wrong Jedi" (Disney / Lucasfilm)
Disney / Lucasfilm

“The Wrong Jedi” (Season Five, Episode 20)

Accused of masterminding the bombing at the Jedi Temple, the Council expels Ahsoka from the Order and turns her over to the Republic for trial.

Padmé Amidala agrees to defend Tano in the trial while Anakin investigates Ventress’ role in the bombing. As the trial starts, Asajj tells Anakin that Barriss Offee told them to go to the warehouse.

Anakin goes to see Barriss, exposing her as the figure who attacked both Asajj and Ahsoka. After an intense duel, she is captured by Anakin and Temple Guards.

As Chancellor Palpatine prepares to issue a guilty verdict against Tano, Anakin arrives with Barriss. She then confesses to the bombing, claiming that the Jedi Order were the true villains of the Clone War.

Barriss Offee in Other Star Wars Stories

Although best known for appearing in The Clone Wars, Barriss has appeared in other Star Wars stories.

Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee in the background with the Jedi Council meeting with Chancellor Palpatine in Attack of the Clones (Disney / Lucasfilm)
Disney / Lucasfilm

Attack of the Clones

Barriss was first introduced in Attack of the Clones. Offee appears early in the film when the Jedi discuss the growing separatist movement within the senate. She later goes to Geonosis with the Jedi Assault team, helping to rescue Padmé Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker. Nalini Krishan portrayed Offee in the film.

Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee during the First Battle of Geonosis in Attack of the Clones (Disney / Lucasfilm)
Disney / Lucasfilm

Revenge of the Sith

Barriss Offee was originally supposed to appear in Revenge of the Sith. Although Bariss was supposed to die following Order 66, her scenes were cut from the film before its release.

The Star Wars: The Complete Saga nine-disc bluray collection includes a non-canon animatic of Barriss’ death scene. It appears on the Disc 7.

It shows her facing off against several battle droids when a Republic All Terrain Tactical Enforcer takes aim at her. After gunning her down, the AT-TE steps on her as it walks away.

Barriss’ death is also included in the third issue of the now-Legends Revenge of the Sith comic book adaptation.

Tales of the Empire

The 2024 anthology series Tales of the Empire includes a three-episode arc about Barriss. The episodes follow her life following Order 66, taking place between 19 and 0 BBY. Each episode is approximately 15 minutes long and set at a different point on the Star Wars timeline.

The series documents her time as a fallen Jedi Knight, working for Vader as part of Darth Sidious’ Inquisitorius. As an unnamed Inquisitor, she hunts down former Jedi and those strong in the Force.

However, she becomes disillusioned with their methods and eventually leaves the group. Later in life, she works to save Force-sensitive beings from the Empire.

Frequently Asked Questions About Barriss Offee

How Old Is Barriss Offee?

Star Wars has not established a birth year for Barriss Offee yet. However, she is depicted as being slightly older than Ahsoka Tano. Tano was born in 36 BBY, so Offee would likely be born sometime between 40 and 38 BBY. She would be approximately 13 to 15 during Attack of the Clones and 14 to 18 during The Clone Wars.

Is Barriss Offee Dead?

Although she is wounded by the Fourth Sister sometime between 9 and 0 BBY, there is no definitive proof that Barriss Offee is dead. Assuming she is still alive, she could have survived into 9 ABY or later. It is possible that she was alive during the Sequel era, but her ultimate fate is unknown. However, Offee was originally supposed to die in Revenge of the Sith.

Will Barriss Offee Appear in the Ahsoka Series?

A popular fan theory incorrectly predicted that Barriss Offee would appear in the Ahsoka series. However, she could potentially appear in future series of the show or other related properties within the Mandoverse. After her appearance in the 2024 series Tales of the Empire, there was a resurgence of fans discussing her return in future Star Wars stories.

What Color Lightsaber Does Barriss Offee Use?

Barriss uses a blue lightsaber throughout The Clone Wars. After falling to the dark side in Tales of the Empire, she uses a red lightsaber, similar to those used by the other Inquisitors. Later in life, after leaving the Inquisitorius, she does not appear to use a lightsaber.

Spoiler-Free Watch List of The Clone Wars Episode Featuring Jedi Padawan Offee

Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee appears in a total of 12 The Clone Wars episodes. However, many of them are brief cameos, nonspeaking roles, or flashbacks.

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Two, Episode 6 “Weapons Factory”
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Two, Episode 7 “Legacy of Terror” (Cameo)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Two, Episode 8 “Brain Invaders”
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Two, Episode 9 “Grievous Intrigue” (Nonspeaking cameo)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Two, Episode 10 “The Deserter” (In a flashback)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Four, Episode 7 “Darkness on Umbara” (Nonspeaking cameo)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Four, Episode 15 “Deception” (Nonspeaking cameo)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Five, Episode 17 “Sabotage” (Nonspeaking cameo)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Five, Episode 18 “The Jedi Who Knew Too Much”
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Five, Episode 19 “To Catch a Jedi”
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Five, Episode 20 “The Wrong Jedi”
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Six, Episode 12 “Destiny” (Nonspeaking cameo)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Season Seven, Episode 5 “Gone with a Trace” (In a flashback)