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What Is a Lightsaber Meetup? The Ultimate Guide to Galaxy’s Edge Saber Meetups

A lightsaber meetup is almost precisely what it sounds like, a gathering of Star Wars fans with lightsabers. Although most of our saber meets are at Disneyland in California or Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, we also have events at Star Wars, comic, and sci-fi conventions.

What Is a Lightsaber Meetup?

A lightsaber meetup is a gathering of Star Wars and lightsaber enthusiasts. We usually meet in Galaxy’s Edge or at a convention, light up our sabers, and take some great photos.

Aside from the photos, some fans come to show off their new lightsabers, cosplays, or bounds. Others are there for the community aspect and want to talk about Star Wars.

Who Can Come to a Saber Meetup?

Our events are always free and open to the public. While RSVPing to the event on our Discord server or the Facebook event page is helpful for planning, you are welcome to join any time.

While our saber meetups are free, you will need valid tickets to enter a Disney park or convention like Star Wars Celebration. Specific ticket requirements are included on each event listing.

What Happens at a Lightsaber Meetup?

Photos are the most significant part of a saber meetup. We typically do a large group shot, separate light side and dark side photos, and then a light side versus dark side photo.

Other photo opportunities include rainbows and saber cones. After the group photos, many guests take smaller group or individual shots.

Outside of photos, it’s a great place to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and talk about Star Wars and lightsabers. Some fans will play sabacc or roll chance cubes.

If we are meeting on Batuu, it’s common to enjoy a ronto wrap, sip on blue and green milk, or even visit Oga’s Cantina.

Do I Have to Bring a Disney Lightsaber?

No, you can bring any lightsaber to our events. We are an inclusive community, and all lightsabers are welcome at our meetups. That said, we do not allow actual weapons such as swords or knives.

For many of us, cardboard wrapping paper tubes are the original lightsaber. We hold to that ideology today and do not tolerate gatekeeping or toxic behavior.

Do You Allow Lightsaber Dueling?

Dueling or saber battles are generally prohibited at our events due to the large crowds. Disney never allows lightsaber duels or fights inside the parks. If we see anyone dueling, we will ask you to stop for the safety of all guests. Repeat violators will be asked to leave.

Can I Cosplay or Bound at a Saber Meetup?

Yes, we encourage you to cosplay or bound for our meetups! However, please review all costuming restrictions before attending. For our in-park events, see Disney’s costume policy. We also include specific notes about themes and restrictions in the event listing for each saber meetup.

Who Hosts the Lightsaber Meetups?

Strictly speaking, no one group runs every lightsaber meetup, but our group is known for hosting them the most often. The SWGEDiscord is a fan-run group, and our events team consists entirely of volunteers.

The Disney Parks team is instrumental in helping with events inside Galaxy’s Edge. Disney also hosted their own meetups during the Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite events.

Several other Star Wars fan groups have hosted saber meetups in the past. Undoubtedly, other groups will organize more events in the future.

How Often Do You Have Saber Meetups?

On average, we have lightsaber meetups at Walt Disney World once a quarter and every six months at Disneyland. While event dates vary, there are typically meetups on May 4th and around Life Day – November 17th. When possible, we schedule events for the anniversary of both Galaxy’s Edge lands. We are also working on having lightsaber meetups outside of the park more often.

When Is the Next Lightsaber Meetup?

At Batuu East in Florida, we traditionally hold lightsaber meetups once a quarter. While the exact dates vary, we typically host events around Ahsoka Tano Day, May the Fourth, the Galaxy’s Edge East anniversary, and Life Day. We intermittently host holiday meetups shortly before the Walt Disney World Annual Pass blackout begins in mid-December.

In California, our Batuu West events are less regular. They are typically three to six months apart. Events depend on scteam’s availability and Disneyland

We announce all of our lightsaber meetups on our events page, our Discord server, Facebook, and Instagram.

On our server, we promote each meetup in the #announcements channel and share specific details and updates in the #discord-events channel. There is also an events tab at the top of the channels list that includes our upcoming events.

We also create a Facebook event for each saber meetup and post an announcement on our page. Dates and event details are shared in both our Instagram posts and stories.

Are There Lightsaber Meetups Outside of the Disney Parks?

Yes, we do hold saber meetups outside of Disney. We usually have events during Star Wars Celebration and Orlando MegaCon. Long term, we hope to have more meetups at cons around the globe. If you are interested in hosting a meetup at a con near you, contact FreeBird or PleasantlyGrim on our Discord server.

Can I Request a Saber Meetup?

Due to the amount of planning involved, we cannot accommodate requests for lightsaber meetups. However, you can always organize your own mini-meetup. Use the #reservations-and-meetups channel on our server to ask if anyone can meet up on a specific day.

What Is the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Discord?

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Discord is a fan-run discussion group celebrating all things Star Wars and Disney parks. We are perhaps best known for hosting lightsaber meetups at Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Disney World.

In addition to our saber meetups, we host trivia nights, watch parties, a monthly book club, and other in-person and virtual events. There are also channels dedicated to planning your visit to Galaxy’s Edge on either coast, the latest stock updates, and all of your favorite Star Wars shows, movies, books, and comics.

Join the discussion free on our family-friendly Discord server, and follow our social channels.