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How to Talk like a Batuuan: Galaxy’s Edge Phrases & Terms You Need to Know Before Visiting Batuu

More than just rides and attractions, Galaxy’s Edge is an immersive land where you can live out your own Star Wars story. As such, you might come across different terms and phrases that are unfamiliar. Whether this is your first trip to Batuu or you are a galactic denizen that visits Black Spire Outpost frequently, here are the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge phrases and terms you need to know to talk like a Batuuan.

The Most Important Galaxy’s Edge Terms to Know Before Visiting Star Wars Land


The planet Batuu is the setting of your Star Wars adventure. Located in the outer rim of the Star Wars galaxy, it was a popular travel stop in the days before most people used hyperspace.

Since there are nearly identical Star Wars lands on both coasts, Batuu East is the unofficial Galaxy’s Edge term for the Walt Disney World location. Batuu West is the unofficial name for the land at Disneyland Resort. Batuu West is in Disneyland, while Batuu East is in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


In the Star Wars universe, a Batuuan is a citizen of Batuu. In our world, Batuuans are the cast members that operate the Galaxy’s Edge land in Disney parks. Most Batuuans stay in character and pretend not to know about anything outside of Batuu. Although technically neutral, Batuuans may align with the Resistance, the First Order, or even as scoundrels.

Black Spire Outpost

Often shortened to just BSO, Black Spire Outpost is the city on Batuu where Galaxy’s Edge takes place. Although one is a city and the other is a planet, BSO and Batuu are often used interchangeably.


Best known for illegal pod races and droid fights, Galma is a mechanic’s village on Batuu. An hour away from Black Spire Outpost, some Batuuans say they live in Galma as a part of their character’s backstory. However, travelers cannot visit Galma.


Known for beautiful sunsets, Peka is a fishing village about an hour away from Black Spire Outpost. Some Batuuans say they live in Peka. As with Galma, travelers cannot visit Peka.


A traveler is what Batuuans call park guests. If you go to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you are a traveler.


A chemist is Galaxy’s Edge term for the bartenders at Oga’s Cantina.


Gatherers is the name for the cast members at Savi’s Workshop. Within the Star Wars universe, Gatherers follow the teachings of the light side of the Force but are not Jedi.

Resistance Personnel

Resistance personnel is the Galaxy’s Edge term for the cast members that operate Rise of the Resistance and the store on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost. You will likely encounter Rey, Chewbacca, and Vi Moradi during your Galaxy’s Edge adventure. If you ride Rise of the Resistance, you will also see Poe, Finn, Nien Nunb, and Commander Beck.

First Order Personnel

First Order personnel are another type of cast member. You will see them all around Black Spire Outpost, but they often patrol the spaceport. They also play a role in Rise of the Resistance. In addition to several First Order officers and stormtroopers, you might cross paths with Supreme Leader Kylo Ren.


A youngling is a child within the Star Wars universe. While it typically means younger children, it also applies to tweens and early teens.


Padawan is the Star Wars term for a Jedi apprentice. Most Batuuans will refer to younglings wearing Jedi robes as such.

Youngling Transport

A youngling transport is the Galaxy’s Edge term for a stroller. Sometimes shortened to just transport, Batuuans will ask you to park your youngling transport outside Oga’s Cantina or before starting your Smugglers Run or Rise of the Resistance adventures.


On Batuu, wheelchairs, walkers, or electric convenience vehicles are all called your landspeeder.

On-Planet and Off-Planet

On-planet is the Galaxy’s Edge term for anything inside the land. As such, off-planet is everything outside the Star Wars land. If you are meeting other travelers on Batuu, you might text them when you are on-planet. Similarly, you would say you are going off-planet when traveling to another land.

Batuu Bound

Like Disney bounding, Batuu bounding typically refers to dressing up like a Star Wars character. However, you can also create a unique character that fits in Batuu.

Popular Batuu bounds include Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo Ren. Couples will often bound as Han and Leia. Disney sells Resistance and First Order outfits and accessories that make bounding easier.

Whether dressing up as a Star Wars character or creating your own, remember to check Disney’s costuming guidelines. Although very similar, Disneyland and Disney World have separate restrictions.

Related to Batuu bounding, frequent Galaxy’s Edge travelers unofficially call themselves galactic denizens. In most cases, these travelers bound as original characters and create an in-universe backstory. Usually, that includes their name, homeworld, the name and type of starship, and character history.


Refresher is the in-universe term for the bathroom or restroom. Regardless of which coast you are on, there are two sets of refreshers in Galaxy’s Edge. One is in the Marketplace, and the other is in the Droid Depot courtyard. Both refreshers have gendered restrooms and one companion restroom.


A hydrator is the Star Wars term for a water fountain. Most hydrators include a bottle-filling station in addition to drinking fountains. In Galaxy’s Edge, there are hydrators near both refreshers and inside Smuggler’s Run and Rise of the Resistance. Just watch out for the dianoga in the Marketplace hydrator.

Image Capture

Even in a galaxy far, far away, there are Disney Photopass photographers. Instead of offering to take your photo, Batuuan photographers will ask if you would like an image capture. Some photographers also call them facial captures or, less frequently, holoscans.


Within the Star Wars universe, a datapad is a small pocket computer for receiving and displaying information. In Galaxy’s Edge, Batuuans will call your smartphone or tablet a datapad. You can also use the Play Disney app to go on more adventures and gain experience with the Resistance, First Order, or as a scoundrel.


While there are many different currencies in the Star Wars galaxy, credits is the general term for money. When you purchase anything, Batuuans will ask for a specific number of credits. If the cost is $8.50, they typically say 8.50 credits or 8 credits and 50.


Although Galaxy’s Edge accepts US money, credit, and debit cards, the Spira is the official currency of Batuu. You can also purchase a Spira credit medallion, actually a Disney gift card, at the Droid Depot.

Rat Card

Rat card is what the Batuuans call Disney Annual Passes. Batuuans usually ask if you have discounts like a rat card at check out. Annual pass discounts are only available at some locations.


Served at several locations throughout Black Spire Outpost, caf is the Galaxy’s Edge term for coffee.


Aurebesh is a Star Wars term you probably won’t hear on Batuu, but you will see it all over. Often incorrectly called the language of Star Wars, Aurebesh is actually the writing system. Although all the letters are Aurebesh characters, the words are written in English. You can easily translate any Aurebesh with a decoder.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Phrases You Will Hear on Batuu

Bright Suns

One of the most common Galaxy’s Edge phrases, “bright suns” is how they say hello on Batuu. Since the greeting references Batuu’s three suns, it is only used during the daytime.

Some travelers, especially frequent guests to Batuu West in Disneyland, will shorten this phrase to just “suns.” However, the shortened version of “bright suns” is slowly becoming more popular at Batuu East in Disney World.

Rising Moons

After the sun sets, change your hello greeting to “rising moons.” Similar to the daytime greeting, this references Batuu’s two moons. This Galaxy’s Edge phrase is also shortened to just “moons,” especially in Disneyland.

‘Til the Spires

The most common way to say goodbye on Batuu is “’til the spires.” It loosely translates to “have a good day.”

May the Spires Keep You

Another Galaxy’s Edge phrase for goodbye is “may the spires keep you.” A little more formal, it is used to wish someone well or express your gratitude.

Good Journey

The least common phrase for saying goodbye is “good journey.” Similar to wishing someone “safe travels,” it is usually used when leaving Galaxy’s Edge.

Only the Ancients Know

“Only the ancients know” is a phrase on Batuu that means they don’t know something. Many Batuuans, especially the chemists at Oga’s Cantina, will say it with a smile or even a lighthearted laugh.

Ignite the Spark

“Ignite the spark” is the first part of a call and response used by the Resistance as a call to action and a greeting and farewell. If you stand with the Resistance, use it when interacting with other personnel. However, be careful using this phrase in Galaxy’s Edge. First Order officers and Stormtroopers are known to harass Resistance sympathizers.

Light the Fire

“Light the fire” is the second part of a call and response used by the Resistance. If someone says “ignite the spark” to you, say this back to them to show you stand with the Resistance.

May the Force Be with You

“May the Force be with you” is one of the most well-known sayings in Star Wars. The Jedi Order, Rebel Alliance, and Resistance all use it to wish someone good luck.

However, it’s not a very common phrase in Galaxy’s Edge. You should use it if you cross paths with Rey or another Jedi. Also, you might hear it inside Savi’s Workshop or during Rise of the Resistance.

For the Order

A First Order phrase, “for the Order” is both a hello and goodbye. You should use it when interacting with First Order personnel or Batuuans to show your allegiance to the Supreme Leader. However, expect Resistance personnel and some Batuuans to react negatively if you say it to them.

Happy Sun Cycle

“Happy sun cycle” is the Batuuan equivalent to happy birthday. Batuuans will use this phrase in Galaxy’s Edge if they see you wearing a Disney birthday button.

List of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Phrases and Terms

  • Aurebesh – The writing system in Star Wars, often mistaken for a language
  • Batuu – The planet where Galaxy’s Edge takes place
  • Batuu Bound – Dressing like a Star Wars character, similar to Disney Bounding
  • Batuuan – Cast member
  • Black Spire Outpost – The city where Galaxy’s Edge takes places
  • Bright Suns – Hello, only used during the day
  • Caf – Coffee
  • Chemist – Cast members that work as bartenders at Oga’s Cantina
  • Credits – Money
  • Datapad – Smartphone or tablet
  • Facial Capture – Photograph, a variation of image capture
  • First Order Personnel – Cast members that appear in First Order costumes
  • For the Order – A First Order greeting
  • Gatherers – Cast members that work at Savi’s Workshop
  • Good Journey – Goodbye, mostly used when leaving Batuu
  • Happy Sun Cycle – Happy birthday
  • Holoscan – Photograph, a variation of image capture
  • Hydrator(s) – Water fountain
  • Ignite the Spark – A Resistance greeting, the response is “light the fire”
  • Image Capture – Photograph
  • Landspeeder – wheelchair, walker, or electric convenience vehicle
  • Light the Fire – The Resistance response to “ignite the spark”
  • May the Force Be with You – Jedi phrase wishing you courage or good luck
  • May the Spires Keep You – Goodbye, commonly used to wish someone well or express gratitude
  • Off-Planet – Anything outside Galaxy’s Edge
  • On-Planet – Anything inside Galaxy’s Edge
  • Only the Ancients Know – I don’t know
  • Padawan – A child dressed in Jedi robes
  • Rat Card – Disney Annual Pass
  • Refresher(s) – Bathroom
  • Resistance Personnel – Cast members that work in the Resistance base
  • Rising Moons – Hello, only used after sunset
  • Spira – Money on Batuu, but more commonly a special Star Wars-themed Disney gift card
  • Til the Spires – Goodbye or until we meet again
  • Traveler – Any park guest
  • Youngling – A child, but also tweens and young teens
  • Youngling Transport – Stroller