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How to Fly With Your Lightsaber

So you just got a new lightsaber from Savi’s at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Or maybe you want to travel to Galaxy’s Edge with your custom lightsaber. If you are looking to travel safely, here are some tips for flying with your lightsaber.

Can You Take a Lightsaber on a Plane?

Yes, you absolutely can take your lightsaber on a plane. The TSA lightsaber requirements allow you to pack your lightsaber in either your checked or carry-on luggage. While lightsabers are a common occurrence at airports in Orlando and Southern California, they might be less common at your local airport. Don’t be surprised if they pull you aside for additional screening.

When going through the security screening, each TSA officer has the final decision on whether to allow you through the checkpoint. If they question you about your lightsaber, stay calm and answer their questions. They usually just need you to turn it on to make sure it is safe. You should pack it so it’s easily accessible in case they need to inspect it.

How to Safely Fly With a Lightsaber

There are many different ways to safely pack your lightsaber when flying. While this isn’t a complete list, it covers the safest and most convenient options.

Flying With a New Legacy Lightsaber From Galaxy’s Edge

If you are buying a legacy lightsaber at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, it’s safest to keep the hilt inside the storage case. You can then either put the case in your carry-on bag or wrap it up in clothes and put it in your checked bag.

However, this works best just for getting a new legacy saber home from Galaxy’s Edge. The storage case is bulk and doesn’t offer the best protection inside a checked bag.

If you buy a blade with your legacy saber, definitely carry it. When you get on the plane, ask the flight attendants to store it in the coat closet.

Alternatively, you could also purchase a lightsaber bag from Dok-Ondar’s. However, you will need to carry this on the plane.

Flying With a New Savi’s Workshop Handbuild Lightsaber

The build your own lightsaber experience at Savi’s Workshop includes a bag and that’s the best way to travel home with your saber. Just remember that the saber bag counts as a carry-on item. Plus you can reuse your Savi’s bag next time you travel with your saber.

Carry-On a Lightsaber Bag

A lightsaber bag is the best option if you are only traveling with one saber. While the Savi’s Workshop and Dok-Ondar’s bags are convenient if you’ve recently visited a Disney park, there are plenty of Google search results for other saber bags.

You can also make your own lightsaber bag as well. DIY bags can be as simple as a few yards of fabric wrapped around a modified pool noodle. You can also get crazy with a custom build that fits your cosplay or bound perfectly.

Regardless of what type of bag you’re using, always ask the flight attendant if you can put your saber in the coat closet first. Otherwise, lay it on top of other bags in the overhead bins.

Pack Your Lightsaber Blade in a Tube

The safest way to fly with a lightsaber is to put the blade inside a tube. You can then carry the tube on or pack it in your suitcase. If you’re packing it in your suitcase, you should use your clothes for extra protection.

Poster tubes are usually less expensive, especially if you can reuse something you already have. However, drafting tubes, also called drawing tubes, usually offer more protection for your blade.

Ideally, use a tube that is an inch or two longer than the blade. This way you can add extra padding at either end. Wrap the blade in bubble wrap so that it fits snugly inside the tube.

Depending on the size of the tube, you can easily pack two or more blades inside. Wrap each one separately in a layer of bubble wrap and then rubber band them together. Then wrap them in more bubble wrap so it fills the tube.

Wrap Your Lightsaber Hilt in Bubble Wrap or Soft Fabric

When it comes to flying with your lightsaber hilt, you should wrap it up to prevent scratches and damage. Bubble wrap is best for checked bags, but soft fabrics are much easier when carrying the hilt on the plane.

With the bubble wrap, roll out a section that is three times longer than your hilt. Put the hilt in the center of the bubble wrap and fold both sides over. Then roll it up into a bundle for extra protection.

Instead of tape, use rubber bands to hold the bubble wrap closed. Although unlikely, TSA can easily open the bubble wrap if they need to inspect your bag. More importantly, they can wrap it back up too.

The best options for soft fabrics are felt, velvet, microfiber towels, or t-shirts made from tri-blend fabric. Fans of Canadian whisky can also use their Crown Royal bags. Again, rubber bands are the best for holding the fabric closed and keeping your lightsaber hilt secure.

When putting a hilt in your checked bag, use at least one layer of soft fabric and then several more layers for more padding. If you are carrying it on, one or two layers is usually enough.

Inflatable water-wings are a great substitute for bubble wrap as well. Since you can deflate them, it’s easy to adjust them for the right about of padding.  Plus, you can get them really inexpensively at many dollar stores.

Traveling Safely With Your Lightsaber Batteries

Depending on your lightsaber, it might use lithium metal or lithium-ion batteries. While they are safe to use, the FAA does have special requirements when flying with them.

If you are packing a lightsaber that uses lithium batteries, keep them inside the hilt. Then use a rubber band to keep the switch locked in the off position. When traveling with spare lithium batteries, you should always carry them on the plane with you.

Most lithium batteries for lightsabers look exactly like regular AA and AAA batteries, so remember to check them carefully before traveling. For more information about flying with lightsaber batteries, review the FAA’s PackSafe Guide and Lithium Battery Safety Resources.

Worried About Flying With Your Saber? Ship It Instead!

If you are really worried about flying with your lightsaber, you can ship it instead. You can get shipping tubes relatively inexpensively from Amazon and other retailers. Expect shipping to cost approximately $X with USPS and about $Y with FedEx or UPS.

If you are shipping just one saber, keep it fully assembled. Then wrap the blade thoroughly in bubble wrap until it’s the same thickness as your hilt. Then wrap the entire thing in several more layers of bubble wrap.

Stuff an extra sheet or two of bubble wrap into the shipping tube and slide in your saber. Then fill up any extra space with bubble wrap and seal the shipping tube.

Depending on the length of both your blade and hilt, it might be easier to pack into separate boxes. Wrap the blade in bubble wrap and put it in a shipping tube the same as a single saber. Then wrap the hilt in enough bubble wrap to fit snugly in a separate box.

If you are shipping multiple sabers, you should consider packing all the blades and all the hilts separately. This allows you to find the right combination of boxes to fit all of your sabers. Just remember, bubble wrap is your friend.

Tips for Flying With Your Lightsaber

Whether you’re flying home from Galaxy’s Edge or to a convention, here are our top tips for flying with a lightsaber:

  • Whenever possible, carry your saber in a lightsaber bag
  • Always pack spare lithium batteries in your carry-on
  • Wrap hilts in bubble wrap or soft fabrics to prevent scratches
  • Inexpensive inflatable water wings make great padding
  • Keep hilts easily accessible in carry-ons
  • Rubber band multiple blades together for added strength
  • Double-check that you have your charger
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